Cat Tales

Cat Tales

Caring for Your Senior Cat

Just like people cats are living longer these days and just like people, older or ‘senior’ cats have unique needs that we as pet owners want to meet. The downloadable Feline Practitioners brochure you can access here will provide you with a wealth of information to help you make your senior cat’s years happy and healthy.

Cat Vaccinations

Practical Health Tips for Cat Owners

Along with your veterinarian you are one of the most important members of your cat’s healthcare team. This downloadable brochure prepared by Feline Practitioners offers practical advice on your role as owner both in the vet’s office and when caring for your cat at home.

Cat Spay

Cat Behavior – Why is My Cat Peeing Outside of Her Litter Box?

One of the most common reasons indoor cats end up in shelters and being euthanized is house soiling. This downloadable brochure from Feline Practitioners covers the basic causes of house soiling and the best ways to address and resolve the issue.



Protecting Outdoor/Feral Cats

The vast majority of Americans believe that trapping strays or outdoor cats only to have the killed in shelters in inhuman. And just as important, in areas where tax dollars fund shelters, it is ineffective as a method of cat population control.

Feral or Community cats live outdoors for two reasons – there is a source of food (intentional or not) and there is shelter. Most are also quite healthy. Trap and kill creates a vacuum whereby new outdoor cats take over the territory of the cats who are removed.

Trap, Neuter, Return or TNR is the most effective way to control the outdoor cat population. Learn more about TNR by visiting Alley Cat Allies or contacting PET SAVERS.


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